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Melissa Dettwiller Posing Naked

July 27, 2009 Von: Redaktion Kategorie: Musclepussy

That’s quite something! Melissa Dettwiller posing for us – naked!

In the background you can see all the cups Melissa has won. They are a lot!

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Yeah, Melissa Dettwiller is a salacious pleasure toy. When such a woman shows a striptease the temperature in the room rises. It’s getting hot! The female bodybuilder has a wonderful body and voluptuous big boobs. Just watch the video, then you will see what I am talking about.
More pics and videos with Melissa you’ll find in the section with the muscle sluts.

Are Female Bodybuilder Aesthetic?

July 10, 2009 Von: Redaktion Kategorie: Musclepussy

The Aesthetic Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder

Are Female Bodybuilder aesthetic? Female Bodybuilders work extremely hard at their craft, honing their muscles into tightly contoured, powerful machines.

Touring professionals hoping to place well in a competition spend months and months developing that balanced, bulging physique sought after by judges — who seem to appreciate the aesthetic of Female Bodybuilding. Are Female Bodybuilder aesthetic? A woman passionate about her look can overcome many obstacles to become a championship bodybuilder. It is in part this intense drive that fans of female bodybuilding respect about its competitors, but no matter how inspiring a woman’s story is, a judge can only base their decision on what is directly in front of them — so the ladies have to look good.

Are Female Bodybuilder aesthetic? Go to a show and find out for yourself — as the ancient proverb suggests, “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” The aesthetic must always be looked for in everything, and perhaps you will find beauty lurking in female bodybuilding.

Roxie Rain Gallery

July 05, 2009 Von: Redaktion Kategorie: Musclepussy

A small picture gallery of the enchanting female bodybuilder Roxie Rain.
I have already introduced Roxie Rain to you.

You’ll find more pics with her among the muscle sluts.
Roxie Rain is a professional female bodybuilder always attracting glances and more with her beauty. Especially in the off season she is a very pretty girl. The preparation for the competitions and the necessary diet normally aren’t exactly flattering to women – but the more so to their muscles.

Who has succeeded in once seeing Roxie live onstage will certainly be able to tell about her muscle quality and definition. Here she can top anyone else.

Men’s Health and Conditions

July 02, 2009 Von: Redaktion Kategorie: Musclepussy

Prevention is extremely significant in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As men age, their bodies go through natural changes that may seem uncommon. However, knowing the difference in what is normal and what is a symptom can often be difficult. Most men’s health can be at risk if an annual check-up is not performed.

Routine tests are vital in determining a man’s health. Blood pressure should be measured quite often. Regular blood screenings should be performed in order to rule out any easily detectable conditions. Cancer screenings are strongly recommended. There are many medical tests available that can help identify men’s health diseases very early. With an early diagnosis, there is a greater chance of surviving a disease.

Most men do not see their doctor on a regular basis. Ignoring symptoms can have an ill effect on men’s health. Preventive measures must be taken in order to reduce risk. Men should talk with their doctors about what tests should be performed routinely. Family history will help determine what screenings are best suited for each individual.

Female Bodybuilder and Anabolic Steroids

July 02, 2009 Von: Redaktion Kategorie: Musclepussy

Have you ever wondered about the female bodybuilder and anabolic steroids? Here are a few things you should know.

Studies show that there is a bigger connection between the female bodybuilder and anabolic steroids than first believed. Women are advised not to use steroids, but there are some steroids that coffer benefits without the side effects. Some of theses are Winstrol, Anavar and Primobolan. Women do not tolerate anabolic steroids as well as men because the steroids are derived from the male hormone testosterone. If women do take steroids, they should be monitored closely, because some of the many side effects of these anabolic steroids cannot be reversed. Some of these side effects are deepening of the voice, excessive hair growth and menstrual disruptions.

Another study shows that the female bodybuilder and anabolic steroids are very common in college these days. Many of the female sports stars are taking steroids and amphetamines to enhance their performance. These women also take ephedrine to increase body mass and promote weight loss. Some of the steroid users complain of moodiness, irritability and aggressiveness. A small percentage of these women experienced violent tendencies, which may be what some experts refer to as “roid rage.”

Muscle Barbie Wendy

June 28, 2009 Von: Redaktion Kategorie: Musclepussy

I have tried to lay my hands on some free pictures of Wendy for a long time; pics I can publish here.
Club Muscle Barbie


In our member area you can see lots of nude pictures of the marvellous female bodybuilder Wendy Rider aka Muscle Barbie.
I have just now asked again, but so far haven’t got an answer. I hope we won’t be disappointed. I think this salacious slut should be published nude much more often. But without pics that’s a bit difficult … With fitness athletes like her one picture speaks louder than a thousand words.

I will in any case hang in there. Wicked public pics and videos with Wendy Rider would be just swell.

Muscle Beauty Melissa Dettwiller

June 22, 2009 Von: Redaktion Kategorie: Musclepussy

Muscle Beauty Melissa Dettwiller

There seems to be nearly no other female bodybuilder who is able to hold a candle to Melissa Dettwiller as far as beauty is concerned. This small gallery will show you why that is so.


A pretty face, big tits, a well-toned body and a salacious pussy. That’s what we want from a woman, and Melissa Dettwiller can give us all that – in perfection.

Particularly marvellous is Melissa’s wicked arse. That’s just how I want an ass to look. Two globes, wonderful buttocks, created by the god of beauty. And created to make men happy.

Fetish Muscles

June 09, 2009 Von: Redaktion Kategorie: Musclepussy

Diva Kris is an athlete and an erotic model all rolled in one. She is no female bodybuilder, but a fitness athlete with a touch of fetish.

Particularly marvellous are her big silicone tits. I have rarely seen such huge boobs – quite a sight! In the member area you will find lots more fetish pics with her. Fetish and a perfect body – a combination I just love.

Often you can see Kris in red fishnet lingerie and stockings. Choosing fetish sex has been just the right decision for her, I think. Her personality and fetish just are a perfect match.

Kris doesn’t have massive muscles – she rather is a fitness freak. But the package is just about right. Men who like athletic women but don’t want hardcore muscles are always well served with Krisztina Sereny.

And fans of big tits will have to stop and look at Kris’ huge boobs. Her tits are quite something. Real murder tits. Huge and voluptuous they are, those two enormous globes.

Yvette Bova Sucking Cock

June 08, 2009 Von: Redaktion Kategorie: Musclepussy

Yvette Bova is the salacious black female body builder always eager for hot adventures.
Men who, like me, love black women, will be absolutely smitten by Yvette. A hot porn video with Yvette Bova. This luxuriant muscle pussy first sucks cock and then is fucked hard.

Dirty Muscle

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This muscle woman, very conscious about her body, appreciates good sex of course. She must have sucked cock lots of times already – she is quite a master of a perfect blowjob! Wouldn’t you like to get your cock sucked by her, too?
This black female bodybuilder is MS Olympia and porn star, all in one. For both jobs you need a perfect body, and she has got it. In this video she shows what she has to offer.

Roxie Rain Bottom-Up

June 07, 2009 Von: Redaktion Kategorie: Musclepussy

Don’t you just love to look at a beautiful female bodybuilder like Roxie Rain bottom-up? I do!
That’s why I do so like this marvellous pic with Roxie. But have a look at it yourself.

Roxie Rain bottom-up

Roxie Rain bottom-up

All right, she wears her panties and her bra, but you can see a lot of her wicked arse and her pussy. That’s just the way I like it! Not the full insight, but just enough to get crazy about her.
In our last post we saw what Roxie Rain has to offer in her athletics. She really is a top athlete. She’s not just a silly muscle bitch, but a real sportswoman you first have to be fit to hold a candle to.

Despite being a professional, the anabolic steroids have left her pretty face unchanged and rather feminine. That’s not always so. Lots of female bodybuilders get extremely male faces with the time. Especially the androgenic steroids are a killer for everything female. But not for her.

Roxi Rain is a top class female bodybuilder.

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